How to Reset Netgear Router Username & Password?


Are you looking to the ways reset Netgear router? Does your Netgear router crash and due to this your Internet connection is dropping again and again? If it is so then router reset is the only solution for you. If you are trying to reset Netgear router and failing to do so then follow the given instructions and reset it immediately. There are two ways to reset Netgear router either you can reset your router through-

  • Restore Factory Settings
  • By Web Interface

Steps to reset Netgear through Web Browser -

  • Step 1: Type or on your web browser and press Enter. You will be redirected to Netgear wireless router login page.

  • Note: If login page is not opened by entering the given URLs then enter or IP address into your web browser.

  • Step 2: Enter details of username and password into the given space provided.
    Default username: “admin”
    Default Netgear router password: “password”

  • Step 3: In order to reset Netgear router, choose the backup settings from the maintenance section. Press Erase button to go back to “Factory default settings” and click OK to save the changes.

Reset Netgearby restoring Factory Settings–

Many of the Netgear routers like WNDR3300, WGT624, WNR3500 and others have factory reset button on their backside. Press the reset button present on their back side for 5-10 seconds and restore your router’s factory settings. Keep pressing the button until the power lights on your router start blinking. Leave the button and your device will restart automatically after the reset process is completed.

In case, you get difficulty performing given methods to reset Netgear router; you are always welcome at Netgear Router Tech Support Number. Feel at ease to connect our experts who will be available 24*7 with the appropriate solutions. We are fully responsible to offer instant and cost-effective solutions across the world and assure customers with world-class services without any delay.