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What is the IP is what is known as an "IP address." IP stands for "Internet Protocol" and is always represented by four sets of numbers. This is important because an IP allows various devices to connect to each other. IP addresses come in two categories - private and public. The main difference is who assigns an IP to the device. For example, a public IP address is usually set to a device by an Internet Service Provider. On the other hand, a private IP address is always assigned to a device by the manufacturer. This comprehensive guide will provide you with complete information on how to access and change the settings of all routers that are created with a IP address. is defined as a private IP address that serves as a way for a user to identify their router over a network environment. Also, it allows access to the settings menu of the router. This IP is a commonly used one by many manufacturers. Therefore, it is normal for several different brands to use as a gateway to the settings of their devices. 

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Access your router as Admin

How to Login to your router with IP address

How To Log Into - The Process

Open any browser app. Navigate to the address bar and write A page will immediately load, showing the login interface of the router. One of the most common issues accessing the router login page is an incorrectly written IP address. In some cases (or depending on the browser's type), a prefix might be needed before typing in Here are a few examples:

  • - www.
  • -
  • - https://

Usernames and Passwords for

Write a username and password when you reach your router's login page, allowing you to access your device's options. Usually, the admin username and password are written on the product sticker on every router. If there are no indications on the login details, try one of the following combinations for the username and passwords:

- Admin-Admin

- admin-admin

- admin-1234

- Admin-1234

- Admin- Blank (leave the field blank)

- admin- Blank (leave the field blank)

- Blank-Blank 

- Blank-1234


Login Combinations for Different Router Brands

Router brands that use the IP address use a specific combination for their login details. Here are some of them:

- 2Wire - Blank-Blank

- Aztech - for username: admin, user, or Blank; for the password: admin, user, password, or Blank

- SparkLAN - Blank-Blank 

- Motorola - for username: admin or Blank; for the password: passwords, motorola, admin, router, or Blank

- Westell - for username: admin or Blank; for the password: admin or password

- Billion - for username: admin; for the password: admin or password


Why Can't I Log In to Most Common Issues and Resolutions

One of the most common issues includes typing in the wrong IP address and login details. On the other hand, you can experience other common problems. Here are some of them, along with possible fixes:

  1. Your router might be turned off or malfunctioning!

*Pro-tip - Check if your device is properly plugged into the electrical network and the on-off button is in its correct position. Some routers are made without a button, and they should light up as soon as you connect them to a power outlet. If such is the case and the router's lights aren't on, this could indicate that the device is malfunctioning.

  1. Check your connection type!

*Pro-tip - While most routers today have Wi-Fi capability, some don't. If this is the case, you will need to use a physical LAN cable connecting your computer to the device itself. 

How to Ping a Router with a IP Address?

When you link your computer to your router, you can still experience connection problems. Use the PING command to find out for sure. To do it, bring up the "command prompt" window by writing CMD in the taskbar. Once this is done, type in the following command: ping In a second, the analysis algorithm will run and show if your computer's connection to your router device is stable. If any of the results show there is a "packet loss," this means that either the cable or Wi-Fi connection to your router is compromised. 

Changing the Wi-Fi Password to a Router

Navigate to a specific options category once you have logged in successfully to the router's settings menu. The sections that will allow you to change different settings will be located on the left side of the screen. Only one of them will be named "Wi-Fi." Navigate to it, and on the right side, you will be able to choose the type of password you want to create. You can create your new password in the empty field to the right. Save the new settings after you're done. Exit the router's settings menu and your new Wi-Fi password will take effect.

*Note - The main settings of your router can look confusing at first. Take your time to click through the categories to see how the interface will react. Then, be confident to navigate better and faster through your device's options. 

How To Change Your Router's IP?

You can change your router's default IP address if you want to. First, navigate to the options menu of your device, and look for a category that looks something like "DNS Settings." Follow the visual cues on the right to create a different default IP for your device. People usually change the default IP address of their router if they have several devices that use as their default IP address. Here is how you will avoid a potential "network conflict" between several routers that use the same default IP.

  1. Turn all routers but one.
  2. Change IP address. 
  3. Turn on the next device you would like to assign a different IP to. 
  4. Repeat process for all other devices. 

*Note - The IP settings inside your router's interface will provide sufficient information on what your new IP needs to look like. You won't need to worry about messing anything up. 

Reset Your Router in Case of a Mistake

If you think you made a mistake when setting up your IP router, reset your device. The standard for the rest button may be different depending on your device's brand. Regardless, there will be a "reset" button on the back of your device, which you will need to press and hold for approximately 10 seconds to return the router to its factory settings. This means that any Wi-Fi passwords, or IP address changes, will return to their default values. If you want to reset your modem, make sure it is turned on. When you've successfully pressed the reset button, the device's lights will start flashing, indicating that the settings have successfully returned to their default values. Use the steps shown in this guide if you wish to change the router's settings again. 

You Don't Need Online Connection to Set Up your Router!

You don't need to be connected online to change your router's settings. Once you connect your computer to your device, follow our earlier instructions by gaining access to the settings interface by writing

*Note - New routers with a Wi-Fi function allow users to change the settings without a physical connection. However, we advise that you still use a LAN cable to set up your router because Wi-Fi is known to be somewhat "buggy" even in newer devices.

Last Pro Tips - Changing the Way Your Router Works

Changing your Wi-Fi password and your router's IP address is not the only thing you can do. There are many other router options you can explore. Whether you're trying to set up a home or public network, you can limit speed, set how many devices can connect to your router, and more. Router devices are made with many options to accommodate different user needs. Here are a few "farewell" tips that will help you understand your router better:

- Use new LAN cables if you prefer a physical connection. Old cables are known to malfunction frequently. 

- If you can, always get a router that has been made at least in the past two years. Older devices are known to be obsolete and will negatively affect your connection. 

- is a common IP address used by new and old devices. 

- Some routers might require a restart after a setting has been changed, which is quite normal. 

- Don't change your device's default private IP address unless you have to. 

- Don't change settings if you're not entirely sure about what they do. 

- If you can't set up your router, always consult an IT professional. 

Common Router Brands That Use this IP:

Many manufacturers use as their default IP address. Here are the most popular ones:

  • - 2Wire
  • - Aztech
  • - SparkLAN
  • - Motorola
  • - Westell
  • - Netopia
  • - Billion